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Find the answers you’re looking for by listening to the Autism Resource Podcast right here.

Essential information is available
to you with the Autism Resource Podcast

Without a doubt, one of the biggest problems we face as a group is not only a lack of certain resources but also the lack of a knowledge base on how to access and use the resources that are out there.


A vast array of resources for those with autism and other differences are available right here.


Learn valuable skills that can help people with different needs and those who support them navigate the challenges they face.

The Autism Resource Podcast
Helps Provide Direction and Motivation

Undoubtedly, the Autism resource Podcast helps parents, educators, support staff, and those with different needs become advocates in their community!

Who Am I?

Photo: Lynn Levitt

Photo: Lynn Levitt

I’m Gilda Evans.

My accumulated knowledge and experience in raising a child with special needs is extensive. I’ve helped other parents on many occasions when they’ve needed guidance, referrals, or other assistance on various issues. I decided to create this site to share what I’ve learned, aid in supporting my continued research, and hopefully, help others navigate through the muck and mire with a bit more ease and clarity.

I’ve spent over 20 years relentlessly researching what seemed like an unending and overwhelmingly confusing mountain of rules, regulations, paperwork, and websites, looking for answers on how to get my son with special needs the things he required for his education, health, and life in general. I’ve endured countless hours in meetings at schools, regional centers, and government offices. And with a myriad of support service individuals asking the hard questions and insisting on the appropriate answers. Above all, I became my son’s self-taught advocate for two main reasons:

  1. because, as a single mother of three, I couldn’t afford to hire anyone to do it for me; and
  2. because I knew that no one else would put as much heart and caring behind the effort as I would.