Financial Planning and Security with Chris Latham, CFP

Chris Latham, CFP, gives us an overview of financial planning for those with special needs. He shares his insights on what it takes to properly plan for the future. He offers information on special needs trusts, ABLE accounts, using life insurance as a tool, and more. He stresses that financial wellness and physical/mental health go […]

Raising a Child with Autism with Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned authority on both autism and animal behavior, shares her insights and perspectives on raising a child with autism. She discusses various do’s and don’ts and offers some sage advice about early intervention, developing personal strengths, dealing with sensory issues, and preparing for the workforce. She also mentions a few of […]

Driving with Autism with Andrew Arboe

Andrew Arboe, Founder of Driving with Autism, specializes in helping neurodiverse individuals pursue driving as a transportation option. He was inspired to start the organization by his own experiences and discusses things to be aware of when considering driving. He offers online workshops and consultations and plans to make his solutions available across the United […]

Demystifying Government Benefits with David Terk

David Terk of Serenitas Special Needs Planning joins us to discuss some of the basic government benefits available to this community. He helps to demystify what the different names and acronyms mean. He also gives some great tips on how to qualify and apply for things like SSI, SSDI, and IHSS. David also touches on […]

Navigating Divorce with Mary Ann Hughes

Mary Ann Hughes started Special Family Transitions to help others cope with the challenges of a divorce involving children who are neurodiverse or disabled. She shares her own story and offers suggestions on the important things to keep in mind and the best first steps to take. She also discusses how to support the children […]

Language Learning with Dr. Hillary Ganek

Dr. Hillary Ganek is a specialist on the effects of hearing challenges on learning languages. She talks about the importance of considering a child’s culture and environment when giving speech therapy. She shares her experience and gives advice on how caregivers can help support a child’s identity while encouraging them to express themselves. Click here […]

Sleep Innovations with George Bailey of zPods

George Bailey is the President of zPods, a company breaking new ground in innovations for better sleep. They have developed a new type of bed that offers a sensory-friendly experience for children and adults who have difficulty sleeping, including those who are neurodiverse. George discusses this new approach and shares a hopeful message for rethinking […]

Healing Through Art with Suzanne Firstenberg

Welcome to ARP’s 100th episode! Suzanne Firstenberg joins us to celebrate. She is the talented artist behind the In America: Remember exhibition on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. She discusses the healing power of art as a means of positive social change. She also talks about art as a means of communication and expression for […]