Author: Gilda Evans

Stress Resilience with Jessica Patching-Bunch

In this episode, Jessica Patching-Bunch, stress resilience coach, shares tips and techniques on managing stress, achieving a higher level of wellness, and creating a better life for yourself and those you care about. Her approach targets the whole being, and she discusses using the brain, body, and breath to navigate stress, anxiety, and depression. 

HowTo Address Sensory Processing Disorders with Courtney Harris

Courtney Harris, a pediatric occupational therapy specialist, discusses the signs and affects of various sensory processing disorders including self-regulation, attention, organization, impulse control, motor delays, and social skills. She shares her thoughts and insights on how to support those who are faced with these challenges to improve their quality of life, and help them surmount […]

How You Can Boost Executive Function Skills and What Kind of Challenges You Might Face with Sean McCormick

In this episode of the Autism Resource Podcast Gilda’s guest is Sean McCormick of EF Specialists. Sean stresses the importance of understanding executive function skills. He talks about what it is, some common misconceptions, and useful tools for dealing with the challenges people with executive function issues often face. Plus, Sean underscores how proper support […]

Special Education Law with Arlene Bell

Arlene Bell has the unique perspective of being a special education attorney, special education teacher, and parent of a person with special needs. She discusses the importance of knowing when to engage the legal services of an expert and shares important information that every parent needs to know about their child’s rights and how to […]

Special Education Law with Chris Eisenberg

Chris Eisenberg is a special education attorney who is dedicated to helping children with disabilities receive the educational services they deserve. He shares his insights on the importance of seeking the assistance of an attorney or advocate when needed, and what parents can do themselves to navigate the school system and ask the right questions.