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Employment For All with Suad Bisogno of IRI

Suad Bisogno, Executive Director of Integrated Resources Institute, shares the passion, strategies, and support model that IRI has used to successfully place 93% of their clients into gainful employment regardless of the intellectual or physical challenges they face. She shares her philosophy about employment barriers and misconceptions for the differently-abled and how to deal with […]

Meditation for Daily Living with Michel Pascal

Michel Pascal, multi-faceted artist, meditation teacher, and author, shares the intricacies of his unique approach to meditation that makes meditating and calming the mind easily accessible to anyone, regardless of the challenges they may face. He cites examples of his success with this technique within the special and different needs communities, as well as other […]

Understanding Self-Direction/Determination with Mark Altieri

Mark Altieri, Senior Director of the multi-state financial management service Public Consulting Group/Public Partnerships, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating the ins and outs of self-direction aka self-determination, the differences between the programs in various states, and the many benefits of being a part of this growing trend in improving the quality […]

Autism Awareness Training for Law Enforcement with City of Industry Mayor Cory Moss

City of Industry Mayor Cory Moss shares her passion for our community, and discusses details about the important program she champions to help to raise awareness among the sheriffs, police and fire departments among others, regarding safely interacting with those individuals with autism as well as other challenges. 

Autism Diagnoses with Dr. Ian Hale

Dr. Ian Hale, author of the book, “Asperger’s, Autism and You”, discusses the challenges and importance of getting a proper diagnosis and how these conditions may present differently depending on the gender of the person with special needs. Dr. Hale is on the spectrum himself. You may check out his book here: