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Author: Gilda Evans

Finding the Right Career

Dan Greenwood, former college professor, CEO of Greenwood Associates and creator of the Greenwood Career and College System, talks about how to match the right career and educational path with a person’s strengths, preferences and personality traits to increase the chances of success and enjoyment in one’s chosen field. 

Living Independently in College

Janet Price, the Director of Admissions and Outreach for College Living Experience, talks about their program and the importance of mastering certain skills to prepare for a more independent lifestyle and a successful transition from high school to college and beyond. 

Jazz Hands for Autism

Ifunanya Nweke, M.A., musician, behavior interventionist and founder of Jazz Hands for Autism, talks about the correlation between the arts and autism and how they combine to create a therapeutic tool that can be used to help these individuals show their strengths and flourish through expression in music and performance. 

Building Social Skills with Improv and Games

Maja Watkins, founder of of Zip Zap Zop Enrichment, shares information about her unique program that helps build social skills through having fun with games and improvisation. Maja has worked nationally and internationally, bringing her creative set of therapeutic tools to people of all ages. 

Causes and Supports for Autism

Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, neuroscientist, neuropsychiatrist, award-winning author and clinician, discusses various causes and presentations of autism as well as supports that can be easily offered in the home as well as clinical treatments and common misconceptions about the diagnosis. 

Educational Choices

Emily Iland, M.A., award-winning author and thought leader in the autism field, discusses diploma vs. certificate track and dual enrollment while in high school, as well as various educational choices available after graduation. 

The Miracle Project

Elaine Hall, Founder of The Miracle Project, shares her pioneering story about using inclusive theater and film to connect with individuals with autism. Elaine’s students have performed on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the White House, and appeared in television shows such as Atypical, The Good Doctor, Parenthood and Speechless. The Miracle Project is profiled in the Emmy winning HBO documentary, Autism, The Musical.

Taft College Independent Living Program

Aaron Markovits, Program Director for the Taft College Transition to Independent Living Program, shares the details of how this program works. The TIL program incorporates teaching independent living skills with college campus living while simultaneously supporting the student in their academic pursuits. 

Living Independently – Housing and Support Services with Jack Darakjian

Jack Darakjian, CEO of the Modern Support Services organization and Commissioner on Los Angeles County’s Commission on Disabilities, talks about various housing choices available to those with special needs as well as the support services that go along with living the most independent lifestyle possible.