Author: Gilda Evans

Come to Life!

Thomas Iland, autism advocate, renowned speaker and author, shares the secrets to success contained in his book, Come to Life! Your Guide to Self-Discovery, as well as his philosophy on becoming your best self that he has talked about on stages all over the country, including a TedX talk and at the Untied Nations speaking […]

Getting the Right Evaluation Done

Dr. Karen Wilson shares her extensive knowledge about what it means to get the right kind of evaluation done for your loved one with special needs. Specifically, she underscores the value of a comprehensive neuropsychological exam to help determine the cause of the challenges someone is dealing with and what the appropriate treatments and approaches […]

Finding the Right Career

Dan Greenwood, former college professor, CEO of Greenwood Associates and creator of the Greenwood Career and College System, talks about how to match the right career and educational path with a person’s strengths, preferences and personality traits to increase the chances of success and enjoyment in one’s chosen field. 

Living Independently in College

Janet Price, the Director of Admissions and Outreach for College Living Experience, talks about their program and the importance of mastering certain skills to prepare for a more independent lifestyle and a successful transition from high school to college and beyond. 

Jazz Hands for Autism

Ifunanya Nweke, M.A., musician, behavior interventionist and founder of Jazz Hands for Autism, talks about the correlation between the arts and autism and how they combine to create a therapeutic tool that can be used to help these individuals show their strengths and flourish through expression in music and performance. 

Causes and Supports for Autism

Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, neuroscientist, neuropsychiatrist, award-winning author and clinician, discusses various causes and presentations of autism as well as supports that can be easily offered in the home as well as clinical treatments and common misconceptions about the diagnosis. 

Educational Choices

Emily Iland, M.A., award-winning author and thought leader in the autism field, discusses diploma vs. certificate track and dual enrollment while in high school, as well as various educational choices available after graduation.