Author: Gilda Evans

CalABLE Accounts with Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf, founder of the JLA Special Needs Trust, discusses CalABLE accounts and the benefits of this important resource for the special needs community.

The ABCs of IEPs with Dr. Melinda Docter

Dr. Melinda Docter discusses all things education – getting a diagnosis, IEPs, 504s, high school diploma vs. certificate track,  choosing the right school, behavioral issues and life after high school. She also shares her valuable opinion about how to navigate the educational system and get your child the education he or she is entitled to. 

When to use a Confirmation Letter for Rent with David Terk

David Terk of Serenitas Special Needs Planning shares an important gem of information that every parent or caretaker of a PWSN who lives at home needs to know! This is just a sample of the treasure trove of information that is accessible to patrons of this page. 

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